Soil Flux Trace Gas Measurements

Ultraportable Analyzers

LGR now offers the new ground-breaking, "Ultraportable" line of analyzers designed for unmanned, continuous chamber-based soil flux measurements, or by using various sampling techniques of greenhouse gases (GHG) such as methane, carbon dioxide, water vapor and other gases.

LGR Analyzer Uses

  1. Soil trace gas flux measurements with a single soil flux chamber
  2. Soil trace gas flux measurements with multiple (up to 16) soil flux chambers using the LGR Multiport Inlet Unit
  3. Soil profile concentration measurements from one or multiple soil boreholes or tubes
  4. Trace gas venting flux measurements [Download PDF]
  5. Surface sampling related to landfill emissions or other similar applications
  6. Multiple techniques related to bioremediation studies
  7. Surface mapping of trace gases (use one of existing maps and link to it)
  8. Real-time spot measurements of soil gases
  9. Flask measurements related to soil sampling, atmospheric sampling or respiration
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