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MobileGuard Natural Gas Leak Detection System

MobileGuard Natural Gas Leak Detection System

MobileGuard Natural Gas Leak Detection System Overview

MobileGuard is the world's most reliable and comprehensive mobile system for detecting, locating and mapping natural gas leaks in real time.  Based on ABB-LGR’s patented laser-based technique (Off-axis ICOS), which is more than 1000 times more sensitive than older, legacy methods, MobileGuard can unambiguously identify natural gas leaks several hundred feet away from the source. Unlike other leak-detection systems that only measure methane, a gas produced by several sources in addition to natural gas leaks, MobileGuard measures both methane and ethane to effectively eliminate false positives saving you time.

In addition, unlike other cavity based methods which require longer than 30 minutes to warm up and stabilize, MobileGuard begins to find leaks less than 2 minutes after power on - another important time-saving feature.  Furthermore, ABB’s patented technology is far more robust and can be fully serviced anytime, anywhere, by anyone; service is simple and easy on site.  Finally, in contrast to lease-based systems, all of the measured data and survey reports provided by MobileGuard are fully owned and controlled by the user and are available everywhere immediately through Cloud-based reporting. 

Simply, MobileGuard finds leaks quickly and economically with unprecedented accuracy, reliability, and transparency.

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For methane measurements while walking, LGR now offers the new Microportable Greenhouse Gas Analyzer (13 pounds, powered by internal battery).