Trace Gas Analysis for Industrial Applications

Industrial Analyzers

LGR offers analyzers for demanding industrial applications. You can measure:

Natural Gas Leak Detection
The Ultraportable Greenhouse Gas Analyzer (UGGA) is ideally suited for fast, sensitive detection of natural gas leaks anywhere. It measures methane, carbon dioxide and water vapor simultaneously. A similar analyzer is available to measure methane and water vapor. UGGA's high sensitivity, portability (15 kg), low-power requirement (60 watts on DC power), and ease of use allows users to operate the instrument while driving, walking, or even bicycling.

Landfill Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (LCEMS)
LGR analyzers are designed for unmanned, continuous emissions monitoring at a great price. We offer the now offers the new ground-breaking, "Ultraportable" line of analyzers designed for simultaneous continuous measurements of multiple greenhouse gases (methane, carbon dioxide and water vapor) or other gases of interest such as acetylene, methane and water vapor.

Wine Industry
LGR's Wine Isotope Analyzer is used for direct measurements of isotopic δ18O and δ2H measurements in wines but may also be applied to other alcoholic beverages and products as well. It also measures the alcohol content in % with ultrahigh precision and accuracy and does not require sample pretreatment. It is used for wine authentication and for validation of location and harvest year.

Emissions and Air Quality Analysis
Can measure halogen hydrides (HCl and HF) and oxides of nitrogen (e.g., NO2), all of which are both acidic and toxic. Other gas species can also be measured to meet various government regulations form around the world.

Industrial Process Control
Monitor for build-up of hazardous gases, such as carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen chloride (HCl) and hydrogen fluoride (HF) that are unwanted by-products or leaked process materials.

The LGR Advantage
Based on our unique and patented OA-ICOS technology, these LGR analyzers provide the ideal combination of small size, low power consumption, high speed (seconds), high sensitivity (e.g., 10 parts per trillion for NO2), high absolute accuracy, rugged reliability and automated operation. Unlike other technologies, they do not suffer from crosstalk with water or other species, eliminating the need for sample processing or drying. Moreover, the inherent simplicity, and hence lower cost, of OA-ICOS is a major benefit to applications which are often budget constrained and often involve a network of multiple monitoring sites. See the LGR Advantage.

Environmental Analyzers Applications