Trace Gas Analysis for Environmental Applications

Environmental Analyzers

LGR offers 10 Hz analyzers for applications requiring high speed and high precision. The Ultraportable line of analyzers is designed for applications in which high speed is not required such as soil flux measurements and a variety of monitoring applications such as landfill emissions and natural gas leaks.

High Speed Flux Measurements — Eddy Covariance
Los Gatos Research (LGR) now offers more analyzer choices to measure surface-atmosphere fluxes than any other company.

Natural Gas Leak Detection
The Ultraportable Greenhouse Gas Analyzer (UGGA) is ideally suited for fast, sensitive detection of natural gas (coal bed methane, coal seam gas) leaks anywhere. It measures methane, carbon dioxide and water vapor simultaneously. A similar analyzer is available to measure methane and water vapor. UGGA's high sensitivity, portability (15 kg), low-power requirement (60 watts on DC power), and ease of use allows users to operate the instrument while driving, flying, walking, or even bicycling.

Soil Flux Measurements
Choose one of the new ground-breaking, "Ultraportable" line of analyzers designed for unmanned, continuous chamber-based soil flux measurements. Use a soil chamber you designed or chambers available from a variety of manufacturers.

Water Cycle Measurements
LGR Analyzers are widely used in all branches of water cycle research. LGR provides the highest performance, rugged, and completely automated (e.g., remote operation) analyzers enabling important water cycle research on all seven continents.

The LGR Advantage
Based on our unique and patented OA-ICOS technology, LGR analyzers provide the ideal combination of small size, low power consumption, high speed (seconds), high sensitivity (ppb), high absolute accuracy, rugged reliability and automated operation required for the most demanding applications. Moreover, the inherent lower cost, and hence higher value, of OA-ICOS is a major benefit to applications which are often budget constrained and often require a network of multiple monitoring sites. LGR analyzers are built on our patented fourth-generation, cavity-enhanced laser absorption spectroscopy technique making them more rugged and more accurate and it eliminates the requirement of sub-nanometer stability of the optics, ultra-precise alignment or a high level of thermal control. See the LGR Advantage.

Environmental Analyzers Applications