Custom Trace Gas Analyzers

Custom Analyzers

LGR can provide custom trace gas analyzers to measure one or more gases that may not be available in our current line of analyzers. All LGR Analyzers use LGR's patented Off-axis ICOS technology, a fourth-generation cavity-enhanced absorption technique. Off-axis ICOS has many advantages over conventional Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy (CRDS) techniques such as being far more robust, having a shorter measurement times, easier to operate and service, simpler to build and thus less expensive to own and operate. All Analyzers include an internal computer that can store data practically indefinitely on its internal hard drive (for applications requiring unattended longer term operation), and send real-time data to a data logger through its analog and digital (RS232) outputs. In addition, all LGR Analyzers may be fully accessed and controlled over the Internet for remote diagnostics and unattended operation.

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If you are interested in a custom analyzer please provide the following information:

  1. Trace gas or gases you want to measure and the relevant background gases
  2. Measurement range desired
  3. Other specifications required for your application
  4. Email the information to:

LGR scientists will review your information and provide a detailed quotation.